Personally, triathlons have been one of the most rewarding and beneficial things I’ve ever done, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that. It’s what started me on an unimaginable journey and it’s the one activity that’s shown me there’s always something beyond what your own personal limitations tell you is possible.

When I started the sport as an undergrad I was not even able to run a mile without stopping, and could barely swim across the pool without feeling like I’m going to drown. I was almost ready to give up. A year later I was training for my first marathon and regularly completing swims of a mile or more.

If triathlons or other endurance events are something you have been thinking about doing for a while, stop thinking and start doing. Find a race that will challenge you, sign up, and start training. Take my advice: there’s no better time than now. You never know where the challenge and journey will take you.